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The quiz: I'd fold. Given how solid the player is, it seems likely he has a pair higher than 9 (though AK and a set is also possible but unlikely). More likely, he has a pair higher than Q. Given how early it is and how good he is, I'd fold and wait for a better opening.

Feedback: I've only viewed video 5 so far (I'm a bit behind), but it seems to me you've done an outstanding job. And I saw your response to the guy who called you a donk. You didn't rave about what an idiot he is but emphasized that we all are donks sometimes and what we need to do is get better at recognizing it. Hence, you have a contest for people to identify when you've played like a donk. Excellent!! And your explanations are very clear, and the quality of the videos is high (with music even), etc.

Some very minor suggestions: You often recommend tournament indicator and some other software. On some blog I saw people complaining to you about problems with the software, as if you're at fault. I think this is because it's not clear what your relationship with the software is. Are you one of the designers or an advisor? Do you get some sort of commission for steering people to the program? It would be fine with me if you do get a commission, but it would be nice to have it stated up front if that's the case. (Maybe you do state this somewhere, but I didn't see it, so even so it might be nice to have it stated more conspicuously.) It's nothing that important, but it would be nice (and would save you from getting criticisms for lack of support for the software). Even less important, it would be nice to know your reason for posting all these great videos. Do you get some sort of advertising commission (again, perhaps for tournament indicator)? Or is it purely for enjoyment?Finally, another minor matter: when I received your first email with links to the first two short videos, I wondered how I was supposed to access all the other videos in the series. You might mention in that first email that new links are forthcoming in future emails.

My own (humorous) story: I have a job that keeps me busy, a wife and kids, and house to keep up, etc., so I don't have that much time for poker. But it sounds so fun! To keep from getting obsessively into it, I've restrained myself by restricting myself for now to reading books on the topic and, more recently, watching your videos (and some others on-line). I've been trying to wait to actually start betting money until the end of summer. But recently, when emailing a friend who has played on-line, I asked for advice, and that's when I found out that on-line poker in the US has been shut down! Here I've been holding myself back, reading books and trying to study the game, only to discover that for me there is no on-line poker!! Well, I'm still interested, and hopefully down the road the laws will get changed, so I'm continuing to read and watch.

Anyway, many thanks for the great videos!!

Best, Mark

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