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Frustration from a cash player: I'm a cash game player. Just recently I started playing tournaments. I play at least 2 a day. Now, maybe this is not enough yet to actually ask HOW you guys do it? But it seems I always get eliminated the same way. My question is about LUCK factor. Does luck contribute a major factor in winning a tourney? It seems that every time I enter a tourney I go out the same way.

I do good for the first hour. I do good for the second hour. I'll even be over the average stack in the tournament. I've been as close as 3rd place deep in a tourney. But it never fails, there's always one hand that cripples me big time.

I understand the game of poker so, I know bad beats, coolers and just being card dead will happen during the coarse of a tournament. But does one have to avoid these three things in order to win one? So far I have been eliminated by bad beats and coolers. And i'm talking about crazy hands

Again my question is, is LUCK a major factor into winning a poker tournament? I can't seem to get past that one level, that will probably take me REALLY deep into a tourney. Final table deep. Because as of now, I get eliminated this way. Can someone please asnwer my question? I know skill is involved but do we need LUCK too to win one? So far LUCK has not been on my side. Then again it's probably because I haven't played enough tournaments.

I'm hoping that like on cash games, the cards will even out eventually, and I'll win my first tourney.

The variance in mtts is huge, most regulars have graphs that are gradual downswings with occasional peaks up. the sample that you would need to determine your true roi in 1k person tournaments is absolutely huge and you'll never even reach it playing 2 a day... Eventually the luck will even out. If it evens out entirely in one tournament you'll win it.

Seriously, to win a large field tournament it is very unlikely that you won't have at least one time when you get your chips in bad and hit your 2 or 3 outer. You'll also suffer some bad beats. When it happens relative stacks will determine whether you get knocked out or survive and make a comeback. To win a tournament you need to be on the good side of variance that day. Skill helps because superior skill means you won't have to come from behind as often. But the variance in MTTs is huge.

put your chips in good, and when you run good you win. every time i've finished well in a tournament, i've run into a spot where i shoved with weak cards in LP and sucked out on blinds with better cards, or made an odds based call in the BB and sucked out. play +EV poker and eventually you'll run good and win more than you've put in.

Thanks for the advice guys. Last night I entered my 2 favorite MTT's once again. I cashed on both but at FTP I did my best performance. I made the final 2 tables. I was booted out 18th. This from a field of 1600+. And I could have gone further but I made a HUGE mistake that cost me half my chips. I don't know why I made the mistake but I did it. So losing this one was not a bad beat or a cooler. It was just my plain stupidity. Maybe I was tired who knows.

Anyways, the reason why I made it to 18th was because my hands were holding. And I won every race. 4 crucial ones, my small to medium pair held against the likes of AK, AQ, AJ and A10. I was able to at one point VERY very deep in the tourney make it as far as 3rd place( with 33 people left ). But man I was running good. Something I doubt will happen again for a while.

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