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Ok what can I say. Most of these are poorly played hands - yes I do have them - LOTS! I went through some video footage at the request of one of my many emails from subscribers asking about how to play a certain hand. Pocket Jacks come up quite a lot and Daniel Negreanu even says they are tough to play.

I think one of the keys is to think of them as 88, 99 or TT - hands which you are much more likely to fold in the face of too much aggression. Although this video mocks my own play a lot, I had to go through hours and hours of footage to find these losing JJ hands. It IS a profitable hand for me, because I can lay it down when it needs to be done.

Why is it so hard to lay down pocket Jacks? Well that's a one word answer. 


It's the hand that looks the strongest because of paint, but must by circumstance  be laid down far more often than QQ or KK. I am absolutely convinced that online poker tournament players would lost a lot less with Jacks if they removed the paint and just had eleven little clubs or diamonds on the card!

Anyway, sometimes you just have to look at the lighter side of poker and that's what this video is about. If you want to discuss pocket JJ or any other difficult hand, please join our poker forum for debate.





Sorry, but once again I must warn about the language in this video.


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