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2012 WSOP promises to be …

The schedule for the 2012 World Series of Poker has been officially announced.  This year's WSOP will be held from May 27 through July 16 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.  This year, th... Read more

How to calculate poker od…

Poker is one of those games which many people will have tried and enjoyed, but may not understand completely.  It is a game of real skill, and true poker players will spend time studying the different hands and le... Read more

The PROS and CONS of Deci…

Poker tournaments are tough to win. Let's face it, the relentless bad beats and big fields you have to ge tthrough in order to pull together a win once in a while can be an extremely tough grind. That does wear down ... Read more

Tournament Indicator Upda…

The programmers for Tournament Indicator are still working on keeping this software up to date with all the advancements and changes of the online poker site. In this video you learn some updated news about it's features... Read more

KK in PokerStars Tourname…

Although KK is not one of the tougher hold'em hands to play, I mixed it up a little bit with this opponent who has been playing very LAG and since we had clashed several times already, I felt a little more poker tour... Read more

Poker Tournament cash, bu…

So you have exercised some solid poker tournament strategy and taken down prize money. Great!, Now all you have to do is use that same good judgment when you withdraw funds from your online poker account. Make sure to do... Read more

Midnight Madness poker to…

This opponent has some very aggressive stats as soon as he joined my table. The good thing for me is that I had position on him and this helped with a big hand later on. Poker tournament strategy often requires intense p... Read more

Make the Money Mantra and…

Taken from our poker forum. 1 > There is no doubt aggression in Orange M in a poker tournament is necessary. Mathematically and instinctively it is the way to play for maximum profit. The pros have been saying this al... Read more

Holdem Tournament Quotes

"One of the biggest dangers with double-barreling is making this play against an online poker player who calls a lot. These types are known as calling stations and most bluffs against them will result in costly hands for you."

"Most players learning the game in the low limits find this stage, the toughest of all. This is mostly because every hand you play in this State is game critical, so there is certainly and extra burden of stress about making the right decision."